dinsdag 19 mei 2009

DNA test wrecks Alfie Patten's claim he was a dad at 13
Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The article concers very young school kids from Eastbourne, in East Sussex, who are having a very active sex live. Last February there was a news article published in The Sun about a twelve -year -old boy Alfie Patten who, according to his fifteen-year-old girlfriend made her pregnant. After a court judgment DNA tests showed that not Alfie Patten is the father of Chantelle Stedman’s baby but the fifteen-year-old Tayler Barker is. Tyler Banker has admitted having unprotected sex with the girl after spending the night drinking at her home, but he never thought it was going to be such a big problem, because Chantelle said she would take the morning after pill. Even her mother knew the kids were going to have sex. Chantelle told Alfie all the time that he was Maisie’s father and that she had no other lovers, but she slept with six other young boys at around the same time.

Being Fifteen years old means that you are still a child. Having children at your fifteenth means that children are having children. I am open to correction, but this situation is in my opinion for what it is worth not normal. In fact it is extremely worrying and awful. At that age you are supposed to keep yourself busy with things that children do, so that means everything but sex. Of course it is normal to be curious at that age but not this extremely. I do not believe that this kind of behavior is good for the development of a young child. We can offer young children better sex education but I think this has got to do everything with mentality and upbringing. I even think it has got to do more with the educator, in this case the mother. A mother has got the responsibility to correct her child and not to agree with everything a child is doing or wants to do.


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  1. Can young kids have an active sex life? I wonder. At that age I was busy being a kid instead of an adult. You are right, parents do have a task in life. Even when sex education is offered many youngsters experience with sex and do not consider the consequences. How does it feel to be a child and give birth to a child?