maandag 18 mei 2009

Jade is best Eurovision Brit in 7 yrs
published: 17 May 2009

21-year-old Londoner, Jade Ewen, was this year’s United Kingdom candidate for the 54th Eurovision contest 2009 in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The title of the song she sang was “It’s My Time.” Britain was the 23rd act out of 25 countries to perform. Ewen’s performance was good for the fifth place. On stage, Jade Ewen was joined by musical giant Lord Lloyd-Webber on the piano, who has written Britain’s song. About Jade he said: “Jade performed brilliantly, as I knew she would. I am delighted with her fifth place finish; the United Kingdom can finally hold its head up high, after seven years of disappointing results.” Although Britain performed very well, there was patently obvious another country winning; Norway with its song ‘Fairytale.”This song was written and performed by 23-year-old Alexander Rybak.
Ewen said she was disappointed not to have won but she was delighted with her own performance and to have Andrew Lloyd Webber on stage with her and supporting her so much throughout the campaign.”

I think this year’s Eurovision contest was more different that the other years. This year there was made a change in the voting system. Per country people could vote just like the other years, but because of the fact there also was a jury it means that the results of the voting would be more different than just having the inhabitants of different countries voting. But I think that is good, because all those years the Eurovision contest was very political tinted and there was no fair play going on at all. Countries who cooperate well gave each other the twelve points without looking to the singing talent of the performers. I never believed that this was the meaning of the Eurovision song contest. I am very glad to have this voting system now. And I really think that Jade Ewen is the first after seven years who performed well, her song was beautiful, her voice was beautiful and she did it much better than all the other six before. At least she performed much better than last year’s performer... The United Kingdom can certainly hold its head up high.

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  1. Ever since the new system I am no longer a Eurovision Contest fan. I do think that a jury of experts should decide who wins and people at home. Experts do know how to analyse the whole business. People home just look at the looks and not the performance. Remember Dana from Israel? The new system is good and Jade did well for Britain.

  2. I mean the last new system with a jury.