zaterdag 2 mei 2009

Rape by Baby P man sparks inquiry Saturday, 2 May 2009 10:57 UK

One of the two men, who caused the death of Baby P, is also found guilty of raping a girl who at the time was only two years old. Baby P was only 17 months old and he died in August 2007 after having suffered more than fifty injuries. It is about the 32-year-old boyfriend of baby P’s mother. The evidence information in this case came to light when baby P’s mother and her boyfriend were arrested for his death. The name of this child was also on the north London council’s child protection list. According to some officials child protection systems are still not working. The agencies responsible for child protection are now making plans to improve children’s services.

Lord… I really do not know what to say about this article. I am speechless. I cannot imagine that a person can do such a horrible thing to a child. Children are holy and you have to stay away from them. No one has got the right to damage a child like that. It makes me speechless but also very angry. There are agencies responsible for child protection, but most of these agencies are not taking their responsibilities to protect children. I cannot understand that when a child is on a council’s protection list it is not being protected against these things. Now the officials and agencies are making plans to improve children services, but how are they going to reach that goal when frontline staff is not even trained well enough to protect children because of the fact they do not have enough experience???
I really think that this could have been prevented. I think it is too easy for agencies to say that there is something wrong with the child protection services. Even after the death of Victoria Climbie, six years earlier, they nowadays still make the same mistakes in protecting children. Children issues are sensitive so there have to be well trained people in those agencies to offer them all the necessary protection and help in critical situations.

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  1. It makes me angry to see that The agencies for child protection are making plans to improve children’s services after this shocking death. Why does a child have to suffer so badly and die before changing a system. Did this mother know that her boyfriend was responsible for her child’s death? I cannot believe that she did not notice anything strange about this boyfriend or her child before. Children are a gift and parents should protect them and be thankful for having them. Unbelievable that people can do such a cruel thing!

  2. I agree with Julia. I think it is horrible as well! There are so many stories of Children's Services failing in what they do. Something this has to happen in order for the organisation to conduct an investigation. Well, they are too late. No one could protect Baby P. If no one can, who will? This is very bad!