vrijdag 22 mei 2009

Schools closed as teachers strike
Tuesday, 19 May 2009 10:47 UK

Two newly-designated academy schools in Essex, Chalvedon and Barstable, are closed because more than 120 teachers have gone on strike. The strike happened in co-operation with the NUT and NASUWT, two teaching unions. There are plans to change the schools into academies on 1 September, when the schools will be taken over by the Basildon Academies trust. The teachers do not want that to happen. The Unions and teachers are afraid that this step will suffer the consequences of increasing working hours of the teachers and shorter holidays. According to the Principal of the Academies Trust this is just a rumor and such a thing will not happen. Members of the teaching unions are angry because they are afraid that the employment conditions will get difficult and unpleasant.

It is not nice to hear that the school you work for is going to be taken over and that the school will change into an academy. When there are talks like that you, as an employee, will get insecure. You will never know whether the conditions will be the same or worse than before. Fact is that when there is a question of being taken over that the conditions will change in a more negative way. If I were a teacher at one of these schools, than I would go on strike too. I will not like it when they increase my working hours or decrease the holidays because of a taking


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