maandag 11 mei 2009

Jordan and Peter Andre separating
Monday, 11 May 2009 16:40 UK

After three-and-a half years of marriage, Peter Andre and Katie Price are ending their marriage. They are divorcing. There is no reason given by the couple for the split. In September 2005 the couple married at Highclere Castle in Hampshire and they have three children, Junior and Princess Tiaamii, and Price has also another son Harvey, from an earlier relationship. The couple met each other at the reality show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here in 2004 on ITV1. They have been an important part of their own fly-on-the-wall TV show. The ITV2 documentary currently shows Peter Andre in California for three months. He went to California to record his latest album.

Well, what shall I say on this news article. I watched their own fly-on-the wall TV show a couple of times, but I do not like to watch these kinds of programmes so I never continued watching it. Besides, it is full of nonsense and it is certainly not educational. Nowadays it is a fact that a lot of people do not stay married that long. They divorce very easily for the slightest things. This is principally the case with famous people. How many times did the media shows us that famous couples marry and divorce over and over again? Well, I stopped counting. Horrible. It seems like they think that marriage is some kind of game or something.

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  1. I only read this kind of articles on holiday. I have not watched their TV show ever, but I know Peter Andre from a well-known song that used to be very popular years ago. I did not know that he was married with Jordan, and what she does for her living, besides playing in her own TV show. It is a pity that they are getting divorced, but things like that can happen to everyone. It is not just something for the rich and famous.

  2. I agree with Peter and Jordan divorcing. According to the media Jordan has been seen kissing some bartender and pictures have been made of this event. Peter did nog accept this and now wants a divorce. I do hope for the sake of their children that the will both get custody over their children; of course they come first.