zaterdag 2 mei 2009

Man charged with murder of Defoe's brother Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A man called, Christopher Farley, is accused of maltreatment in a street attack on Jade Defoe, the half-brother of England footballer Jermaine Defoe. The attack took place near High Road, Leytonstone. Five days later Defoe died in hospital because of his injuries. Christopher Farley will appear tomorrow in custody at Red Bridge Magistrates’ Court because he is charged with murder. The cause of death, which was given, was a head injury. Because of his lost, footballer Defoe could not play for Manchester United last Saturday. Jade Defoe was very popular as MC on the urban music scene. Hundreds of fans joined a tribute page created on Face book.

There are always news articles or news items, which have got to do with crime. Crime seems to be appearing more and more and it becomes almost a matter-of- course and unthinkable. In spite of this I think that violence, and especially meaningless violence is not normal. I mean, come on, if there is a problem with someone you should have to talk about it and you should discuss it, but you cannot just hit someone or do things that are worse... When I read this article I was shocked. I really do understand that people sometimes get angry with each other but I also think that you should be able to have control over your feelings and emotions. I really think that there is a serious problem going on in society, because nobody has got the right to beat someone to death. Of course it is not reachable to offer each person behavior therapy, but fact is that people are getting more and more impatience and they are not able to control these kind of feelings the way it should. It seems like moral code is diminishing, which is a big shame.

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  1. I agree with you Melisa! People have to live together side to side in peace. I know this does not happen, but I do not see the point in all of this. Probably the killer will only get a couple of years in prison and will then get out. But what does the family of the victim get? They will never see him again. Christopher Farley should be sentenced to death.